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King Emmanuel Charles Edwards VII

King Emmanuel Charles Edwards VII
(1915 - 1994) was an influental leader of the Rastafarian mansion Bobo Shanti.
He was born in Saint Elizabeth and died 1994 in Kingston, probably of old age.
He established the Bobo Shanti faith, based on Rastafarian beliefs and Ethiopian tradition (e.g. customs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church).

Early Life
Not much is known about the early life of Charles Edwards.
As a youth he was touched by the teachings of Rastafari and he became a Rastaman.
His first appeareance was at a rally of the Rasta leader Leonard Howell. The charismatic man held a fiery speech, directed against those who worship the "Whore of Babylon" and led his followers through the streets of Jamaica on Ackee Walk. He preached the doctrines of Marcus Garvey and Howell, both very influental persons and prophets of the Rasta faith. Shortly thereafter he himself was regarded as High Priest by his followers, and even more - they claimed him to be Adonai incarnate
Bobo Shanti

The Bobo Shanti Trinity
In 1958 Charles Edwards officially founded the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress (EABIC) and the Bobo Shanti faith and he was appointed God, King & leader of the Bobo Shanti Order, creational crowned champion of human rights and human justice, King Emmanuel Charles Edwards VII, ambassador for the repatriation and reparation network of His Divine Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.

His followers are known as the Bobo Shanti or simply Bobo Dreads, recognizable by the large, wrapped turbans they wear to cover they holy Dreads.
In his years as president of the Bobos, King Emmanuel established the rules for his divine order and gave them their spiritual guidance.

Because they regarded Edwards as God, the Bobos that followed him on his rally believed each of their stopping places to have been recorded in the Bible. Ackee Walk was supposed to be Nazareth, where Jesus came from, Harris Street was Galilee, where Jesus went after leaving his native home, Eighth Street, Capernaum and Ninth Street, Bethlehem, for it was there that Yeshua, Queen Rachel's son, was born. The settlement in Bull Bay they named Mount Temon, where God is supposed to have come from, according to a passage from Genesis.

He is part of the Bobo Shanti trinity, consisting of Marcus Garvey as holy prophet, King Emmanuel as holy priest and Haile Selassie as divine King.